1. Participants who have furnished their email addresses are eligible to enroll in this initiative. To invite your acquaintances, share your custom link on social platforms. Once your referred companion completes a first-time purchase valued over $250, you'll be rewarded with $50 in cash for each triumphant referral.

2. An referred individual can partake in this scheme as a newcomer only once. Should an individual place an order using a promoter's link, they will not be able to avail themselves of the identical newcomer discount via another promoter's link. To illustrate, if Person A shares their link with Person B and Person B effectively employs the coupon code during checkout, then if Person C shares their link with Person B, Person B cannot obtain a newcomer discount via Person C's link.

3. The promoter will secure the $50 cash reward through PayPal approximately 30-60 days after their referred companion completes a successful order. If you lack a PayPal account, you might need to establish one to access the rewards. In the event that the referred friend places an order but subsequently initiates a product refund, the promoter's reward for that referral will be nullified.

4. Upon clicking the personalized link of a promoter, the referred individual will be gifted a 12% discount coupon. Simply copy and input the coupon code during checkout, and the system will automatically employ the discount.

5. Coupons garnered from this initiative cannot be combined with other deductions. Furthermore, the discount is not valid for reconditioned products and accessories.

6. All conclusive interpretations are the exclusive purview of Yolaness.


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